‘THE HEB’ RACE ON THE EDGE 1st – 2ND sept 2018

(Allow a day either side for travelling and relish the fantastic iconic journeys!)


Welcome to The Heb – Race on the Edge, an achievable, exciting, engaging, truly adventurous and absorbing journey through the most spectacular, wild and remote landscape the UK has to offer – the Hebridean Island chain off the west coast of Scotland!.

You will find yourself running (a fair bit), and on a mountain bike or hybrid (quite a bit), kayaking (a tad), and navigating (a bit – if you seek optimal wriggles through the complex terrain).

The Heb will be easy to take part in, but still a tough challenge and certainly all the adventure, excitement and fun. Perfect for racers, achievable for newcomers, and everyone in between. Entries will be welcome from Solos and Pairs.

The Heb is brought to you by Durty Events, featured several times on the BBC2 Adventure Show and winner of British Triathlon ‘Event of the Year’ 2012, and course planner Gary Tompsett of various adventurous infamy!.

Day 1 – 125km, Day 2 – 75km