Terms & Conditions

By entering one of our events you acknowledge, understand and agree that;

  1. This event is conducted under the relevant national governing body (where applicable) rules and conditions and I agree to acquaint myself with and abide by those rules and any organisers’ instructions.

  2. By completing the registration process you are confirming that all of the information provided is correct. Entries to Durty Events races are non-transferable without the specific written consent of the organisers – you must not allow another person to participate in your name.

  3. I am aware that my cycle and other equipment must be in a roadworthy/legal/safe condition and am prepared to submit my cycle for official scrutiny immediately prior to the event. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct equipment required for the event and also to ensure that it is in suitable working order. The organisers will not take responsibility for injury caused by faulty personal equipment.

  4. I understand that it is the competitor’s responsibility to safeguard such clothing and equipment I may use.

  5. These events are an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental fitness and has with it the potential for death or serious injury or property loss. The risks of participation include, but are not restricted to: weather conditions, road traffic, behaviour of other participants, volunteer helpers, officials and spectators in and out of the event, dehydration, hypothermia and behaviour of animals. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they are medically fit to participate in any of the events advertised on this site. If you have any medical conditions which may affect participation you should first consult your GP and then inform the organisers of the situation.

  6. It is the competitor’s responsibility to read all of the event information in full detail – including course maps. The organisers will not take responsibility for error as a consequence of competitors not reading pre-race information.

  7. If a competitor should lose their electronic timing chip during the event, they will be charged £35 for a replacement chip.

  8. I hereby, aware of these, assume the risks of participating in these events and on my own behalf and on the behalf of my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin and whomever: agree to waive any claim and to release and discharge from any claim which I or they may have in respect of death, disability, injury, property loss or damage as a result of or while I am participating in this event, the event organisers, directors, sponsors, officials administrators or volunteer helpers – agree to indemnify the persons mentioned immediately above for any or all liabilities or claims made against them as a result of my behaviour in this event. Said waiver, release, discharge and indemnify to extend to liability for negligence under common or statute law.

Refund Policy

Refund policies vary slightly from event to event – please check the specific details on the entry form of the race you are entering. The following example refund policy shall otherwise be in place;

  1. If the event is cancelled due to circumstances out of the organisers control then no refunds will be offered. This includes situations such as adverse weather conditions or major incidents. The organisers will make every reasonable attempt to reschedule the event in this situation. If the event is cancelled due to circumstances within the organisers control then entrants will be offered a 50% refund. Entrants must apply in writing (via email) to claim their refund. No refunds will be granted after one month has passed from the event date. Entrants wishing to withdraw must inform the organiser by email. Entry fees will be refunded or transferred as follows; up to (1 month prior to race date) 75% refund (less any Entry Central or SI fees), up to (2 weeks prior to race date) 50% refund (less any Entry Central or SI fees). After (2 weeks prior to race date) – no refund. Entries are not transferable